What is the VIDAA mobile app?

The VIDAA mobile app allows users to control their TV without a remote control. It provides: Fully-functional remote control features Quick access to your favorite apps Cast media directly from your mobile device on TV

Why should I create a VIDAA account?

Creating a VIDAA account will allow you to manage your apps and settings across various VIDAA devices.  When enabled by the content partner, you can also use your VIDAA account to manage and pay for your subscriptions.

UX designer – US

About VIDAA  VIDAA is a two-year-old start-up based in the thriving Atlanta tech scene. Its international investors include the Hisense Group and others. Our namesake Smart TV platform is called VIDAA and is currently installed on millions of TVs worldwide. At VIDAA, we are looking for the best and the brightest people who can help […]

App Integration Specs

Specifications for integrating HTML5 apps

Slovenia’s Public TV comes to VIDAA with all content for free


Ljubljana – December 3, 2020  As is the case in most European countries, public broadcasters play an important role in the media landscape. This is also true for Slovenia, where the public broadcaster is one of the cornerstones of news, art, and even popular culture. And RTV Slovenia, though over 90 years old, is no stranger to technology, so their new […]

Germany’s PC Magazine likes VIDAA … a lot

The German industry newspaper PC Magazine reviewed the latest Hisense flagship model H65U8QF and gave it a “very good” rating and an amazing overall score of 85%. One of the things on the reviewer’s radar – the VIDAA operating system. As they put it, “The VIDAA operating system reacts fast and has easy-to-read on-screen menus. […]

Freview releases POP Player on VIDAA

After removing the BBC News and BBC Sports apps, which got merged into the BBC iPlayer app, Freeview has released an additional application, this time oriented towards children. POP Player offers a broad selection of children’s content and is, like most Freeview apps, free to use for residents of the United Kingdom.


Content Partners There are more than two hundred content partner apps that are available on the VIDAA TV OS. These apps offer a wide variety of global and local content. Consumers have choice to watch the latest movies, classic shows or comedies, children’s programming, sports, listen to music and so much more. VIDAA partner benefits […]


VIDAA TV OS The VIDAA TV operating system is designed to provide a truly lean-back user experience for the consumer. Every feature and every innovation we deliver is about making the consumer TV viewing experience as intuitive and frictionless as possible. At VIDAA we believe that the best consumer products are those which fade into […]

Ola, Espana! Movistar+ launched, major bridge passed!

There are not many OTT players that are as dominant in their local market as Telefonica is with their Movistar+ service. That is why it has been on our radar for a while and as of today, it is available on our devices. The integration was intense and complex, as the app has such a […]