Associate Partner Engagement Manager (APEM)

Place of employment: US
Application due date:Open until filled

About Vidaa:

At Vidaa International, we are driving to become the leading video content platform on the planet. Our mission is focused on a best-in-class user experience that always keeps our customers in focus, delivering engagement that is inspirational and rememberable. The emotional connections that we make with our customers are globally relevant and locally focused (glocal) allowing addressability across the globe. Everything that a customer needs in their region of the world should be available to them with the click of a button or the command of their voice.

Position Summary:

The Associate Partner Engagement Manager (APEM) will be the focal point for Vidaa’s Content Service Partners (CSP’s) responsible for tier 2 and 3 applications on the VIDAA Operating System (OS). The APEM will be both the business lead and technical manager for every partner. They will lead the full lifecycle of the service provided by the partners, starting from the initial business alignments to the technical discussions, through the development, integration and certification, until successful onboarding of the service onto Vidaa’s platform. Reporting to the Sr. Director of Partner Engagement, the APEM will serve internal and external partners and ensure that communication is clear and concise for efficient project delivery. 

The APEM’s Key Performance Indicators will be:  

  • Successful engagements with key CSP’s
  • Time to full onboarding of the service
  • Quality of experience of the service onboarded
  • CSP satisfaction
  • SME on all elements of partner engagement for VIDAA platform

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Serve as the Business lead for developing relationships and signing up partners for Vidaa OS
  • Serve as the Technical lead for all CSP’s to integrate each application onto Vidaa OS
  • Conduct integration testing and bug reporting for each integration
  • Work with each CSP to solve bugs and fix issues in order to deliver live applications
  • Maintain partnerships past launches and in-field issues
  • Configuration and organization of applications across many global regions
  • Develop and maintain partner portal for data and reporting on all integrations
  • Work with heads of BD and Content to align on strategy and directional approaches for tasks
  • Work with automation team to develop tools for increasing systems capacities and flow thru put

Education, Experience, Qualifications

  • Ability to identify problems, quickly devise feasible solutions, disseminate the appropriate information to relevant internal partners and ultimately bring about timely resolution
  • Lead with confidence and with little supervision as well as the ability to manage several projects at one time
  • Be a collaborative associate, capable of driving external partnerships to consensus while balancing internal  needs with ongoing objectives
  • Fluent in Microsoft Office suite especially Excel including cloud based versions for collaboration
  • Some understanding of management tools (Monday, Slack, Trello, JIRA, Confluence, etc) is nice to have

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