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VIDAA delivers the world to your living room with preinstalled major global and local apps. Dive into over 1000 apps available in the VIDAA App Store, and enjoy a wide range of free, ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels with VIDAA Channels, offering endless entertainment options. Watch the latest movies, classic shows, comedies, children’s programming, sports, listen to music, and so much more. Enjoy an unparalleled variety of entertainment right at your fingertips.

VIDAA partner benefits

Leveraging its global reach, VIDAA assists its publisher and advertiser partners in finding and connecting with a high-value audience through targeted and interactive ads across its platform. The platform’s rich content library features an array of partnerships with industry-leading entities in the streaming world, including global giants such as Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, Prime Video, Paramount+, YouTube, and fuboTV. It also includes local partners like Peacock, Tubi, Paramount+, Haystack News in the US, as well as hundreds of others across the globe. With millions of active devices worldwide and significant growth momentum, VIDAA serves as the ultimate success partner for factories, brands, content providers, and advertisers in the Smart TV industry.


Dedicated Support

As a VIDAA partner, you benefit from a dedicated representative who serves as your primary point of contact. This ensures that your needs and objectives are consistently met, providing personalized assistance and seamless communication with VIDAA.

Global Distribution

VIDAA is available in over 180 countries worldwide, giving you an opportunity to expand your reach on a global scale.

Modern Platform

VIDAA OS is a cutting-edge platform that supports the HTML5 standard, enabling seamless integration of your existing app.

Customer Satisfaction

VIDAA OS consistently earns high customer satisfaction scores and receives positive reviews from industry experts.

Our partners


VIDAA is one of the fastest growing Smart TV platforms in the world with global distribution. Based on over 50 years of TV experience, it is managed by a team of experienced professionals, working on 5 continents. It is one of the most robust platforms that allows for fast and seamless integration of partners. Utilizing HTML5 it provides partners with the flexibility to effectively adapt to market demands.

Depending on the type of integration, the process takes between 2 and 6 months from the start of the development. If the application follows our specification, most of the effort is focused on the user experience and button mapping. For native application, the process takes about 12-18 months.
The VIDAA OS is a Linux based system that supports native applications (Linux executables) as well as HTML5 web applications. The vast majority of partners develop HTML5 applications for our platform.
When the integration process is initiated, you will be assigned a Partner Engagement Manager who will be your primary liaison in to the VIDAA technology team. We work with you to integrate and test your application to ensure flawless and error-free operation, we integrate your content metadata into the VIDAA CMS to ensure that your content is part of the universal-search results and lastly, we can integrate your SVOD or TVOD subscriptions into the VIDAA billing and payment system.
VIDAA is currently available on 4 hardware platforms and supports two browsers globally. Depending on the territory, a CSP is required to integrate between 1 and 4 combinations to enable availability on all devices, currently sold in the territory.
Sample TVs or development boxes are provided as well as all the debugging tools that allow our partners to develop and debug the application in their own development and testing environment.

Once the integration process is initiated, a dedicated point of contact from the Partner Engagement Management (PEM) team is assigned to every content partner. PEM managers are strategically positioned on three continents and in 4 time zones to allow for the best possible support. Apart from our main Qingdao R&D center, technical specialists in over 30 countries are available for technical support and field testing. The quality, efficiency and speed of support provided by our team has always ranked extremely high among our partners.

The detailed specification is available upon signing an NDA with VIDAA.

Depending on the commercial terms, we can provide content partners with (i) placement of the application in the home launcher, (ii) preinstallation in the “My Apps” section, or (iii) placement in the application store. We also provide (iv) main screen placement opportunities for content from the partner, directly linked to the content partner application. (v) AVOD supported content can be promoted in the VIDAA Free application while (vi) linear channels can become a part of the integrated EPG. With metadata integration we also (vii) allow for universal search through the entire libraries of all of our partners. In cooperation with our hardware manufacturers we also market (viii) direct access buttons on the remote controls of VIDAA devices. All placement opportunities are focused on improving discoverability of content and greatly improve user engagement.

Our dedicated programming team will work with you to ensure the highest engagement with your content. Some content is fed to our system via automated APIs, while other is programmed manually in cooperation with our partner.

As VIDAA has been in the market since 2014, there are a multitude of versions of the OS available on more than a dozen different hardware platforms. We evaluate each platform individually and establish the capabilities to support modern platforms. It is our mission to provide our partners with the broadest possible distribution, but at the same time ensuring a premium user experience while using the VIDAA OS and the partner application.
VIDAA is available in more than 155 countries and installed 30+ million TV’s. We have significant presence all over the world and are the dominant player in Australia, Mexico, Argentina and Sub Saharan Africa where we outsell any other Smart TV platform in the market. Other key territories include United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Ukraine as well as countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa, and several countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

All co-marketing opportunities are discussed individually with partners and the local sales team in each specific territory. As a platform, our number one goal is to drive traffic to the applications from our content partners and helping to onboard new customers.

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