This section provides answers to a few of the  frequently asked questions.  For detailed support, please contact your TV manufacturer.


Support for your TV is provided directly by the TV manufacturer such as Hisense, Toshiba, Newsan, etc.  Please consult your TV manual or the TV manufacturers website.

VIDAA is a leading Operating System that your TV manufacturer uses on their TV hardware.

The simplest way to check for and install the most recent version of the VIDAA software is to do the following, on your TV, choose System Settings/Support/System Upgrade/Check Firmware Upgrade

Creating a VIDAA account allows you to keep your settings and favorite apps between VIDAA devices.  A VIDAA account also allows you to manage and pay for your subscriptions if it is enabled by the content partner.

You can subscribe to content through your VIDAA account IF your content partners has enabled this feature for VIDAA.  We are always working with our content partners to provide integrated subscription and billing.  The advantage for you is that you only have to manage your content subscriptions in one place.

You can get support for using voice control on your TV by visiting 

If you have a Hisense TV, please click here for additional customer support:

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