VIDAA, a Smart TV OS

Experience TV like never before with the VIDAA Smart TV OS, designed to provide an easy, fast, and secure lean-back experience. Every feature and innovation is crafted to make your viewing experience as intuitive and frictionless as possible. Enjoy global and local entertainment seamlessly, with content tailored to your unique preferences.

At VIDAA, we believe the best products fade into the background, allowing you to achieve your entertainment goals effortlessly. Discover a world where technology works in harmony with the way you think, enhancing your TV experience naturally and seamlessly.

Discover the features of VIDAA OS

At VIDAA, we are honored to be part of your living room experience. Our mission is to make your entertainment journey easy, fast, and secure, so you can spend more time educating, entertaining, and amusing yourself and your family, instead of wasting time deciding what to watch. With seamless access to global and local content, VIDAA OS ensures that your viewing experience is always the best it can be.

Universal Search

Say goodbye to infinite scrolling and hello to endless entertainment with VIDAA’s universal search! Find your favorite shows, blockbuster movies, and more in a personalized curated experience. Upgrade your TV experience with VIDAA.

Content Recommendations

Personalized recommendations curate the perfect viewing experience just for you. VIDAA’s content team is dedicated to selecting the best content to match your tastes – whether you’re in the mood for drama, comedy, documentaries, or the latest series, we’ve got you covered!

VIDAA Video Platform

Watch high-quality content, get personalized recommendations and enjoy a carefully curated selection of free local and global broadcast, FAST Channels, and On Demand content. Available for everyone, at any time and from any VIDAA connected device – all for free, in a simple and fast way.

Browser experience

Experience effortless web browsing on your TV with an easy and intuitive interface designed for your smart TV. TV Web browsing is now smooth and enjoyable. Elevate your TV browsing experience with simplicity and speed by using the VIDAA mobile app.

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The VIDAA TV OS offers users access to over 400 global and local applications and is expanding its library of content each month.


The VIDAA TV OS is available in over 180 countries on TVs by world-class manufacturers such as Hisense, Toshiba, Loewe, We by Loewe, Newsan, BGH, Element, Schneider, Nordmende, Shinon, Vortex, AKAI, NIKAI, BRUHM, General Gold, and hundreds more.

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Over 2 billion hours of content are watched globally each month on VIDAA-powered TVs.

VIDAA OS video library

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