Televisa’s Blim joins the VIDAA Platform

Mexico City – December 18, 2020 

There are not many partners as important to a specific region as Televisa is to Latin America. Established almost 50 years ago, this Mexican content producer is a staple in the Spanish speaking world, so bringing their revamped Blim service to our platform in the entire region is a major milestone for us! 

Their service is among the most popular services in Latin America and will no doubt even grow in popularity with Televisa’s strategic shift to OTT. The library of the broadcaster has to be among the richest in the world, and the company has been investing in originals that are getting raging reviews, like 40 y 20, Dogma, Sincronia, and Super X. 

The application does not only come preinstalled on all new devices selling throughout the region, but was also pushed back to legacy devices, dating back two years, which proves our promise to continue supporting our customers as much as possible for the entire time they’re using our devices. 

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