A Smart TV
that's about

Your favorite content
at your fingertips!

Your favorite movies, shows, news and sports all presented in easy to navigate interface or available at the click of a button with our one-click-access feature

Get all of your global or local sports news to stay updated.

Relaxing or having fun with friends? We have the music you need.

Use Art Mode to create an ambient setting and inspire conversation.

Relax and enjoy content with VIDAA Free that is curated by our team just for you.

Whereare in the center of it all!‚Äč

All of the local, global and trending content in one place for you

Use your

Where available, you can use control your TV using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to control the functions of your TV or to find content.

Universal search

Search for your favorite movies, shows and content across all of our content partners. Less time browsing and more time watching.

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