French content now easily searchable and discoverable

Paris – December 16, 2020 

It is quite difficult for the end user not to get overwhelmed with the choices of new and existing applications they have on their Smart TV. That is one of the goals set by our team is to make their access to content on our platform easier and more direct. And we just made a major step forward in that direction in France. 

With over 10 million active users Molotov.TV is the market leader in OTT in France. And getting their vast library – we’re talking tens of thousands of titles – into our system was a huge undertaking. But as of today, you can search all the movies, shows, and live channels using our platform search. Even using voice if your Smart TV supports Alexa. And with Molotov.TV recently launching their Mango AVOD service, it makes it an even more valuable solution. Becouse who doesn’t like free stuff … 

What we’ve also done in France is starting to program local content directly into the launcher. So when you highlight the Molotov.TV you’ll get recommendations coming straight from them, and you’re also able to find their content in content carousels bellow the fold. The goal – as expressed above – is to bring the content in front of the user and show her what is available for her to consume. And make it as convenient as possible! 

We’re also making progress with other providers in France to launch some exciting applications and partnerships very soon, so stay connected! 

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