Helping our partners grow their reach – Showmax and Plex go global

There is a reason we call the companies providing us applications and content partners – because we seriously consider them to be that. So if an opportunity arises to support their expansion plans, we’re there for them and we move fast.

Just days after launching the new Showmax application in South Africa (it is a huge step up for the Multichoice group), we have expanded its coverage to more than 70 additional territories, not only in Africa but in Europe and APAC as well. The same goes for Plex.TV. We’ve been partnering with them for a long time and their Plex app for streaming on the local network has come preinstalled on VIDAA devices for the last 5 years. When they came to us with the new application that also supports AVOD content, we rolled up our sleeves. As of today, their new app is available in over 140 countries and supports a multitude of languages. The next step is integrating their metadata to allow for content recommendations.

As said, we truly consider content providers as partners in this game. Without them, the TV would just be a piece of hardware. And without us, they’d have nowhere to distribute that content on. So it’s a win-win. Exactly what a partnership should be.

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