Indian customers get access to ErosNOW, other platforms to follow


Mumbai – December 16, 2020 

Over 155 million users access one of the most popular services for Bollywood content in India every single month. And almost 20 million of them are paying for it, which means it was a no brainer for us to onboard their service as one of the first ones in India. And taking their home market was just the first step, we’ll be expanding their presence globally in the weeks to come. 

ErosNOW boasts an impressive 11 thousand titles of local Indian content in almost all local languages, making it one of the more popular content players in the extremely competitive Indian market. They also feature an impressive library of music content, making the app pretty much indispensable in any household in the country. 

ErosNOW has also been investing heavily in original content like Flesh and Smoke, available exclusively in their OTT platform to compete with other premium content partners in the market. They are teaming up with the best producers and actors from Bollywood to create these shows and the feedback from the users is impressive. 

Working with our partners in India the platform metadata is also being integrated onto the platform, so universal search and content recommendations from the application come standard on any Toshiba or Hisense device, powered with the Vidaa OS in India. 

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