With more and more units hitting the walls, the reviews are mounting – and they’re amazing!

It’s one thing to test a platform in the comfort of your lab or to see experts test it in a magazine review, but the real test of how good your product is is coming from the end consumers. And with more and more latest generation units hitting the markets, the reviews are coming in. With the great help of our friends at Hisense, we’re tracking them on a variety of platforms and initial results are pretty amazing.

We’ve gotten over 700 reviews of Smart TVs with our platform on it and the average score across the board is 4,4 over 5, which is right where we want it. Most of all, people are excited by the look and performance of the user interface as well as the responsiveness, which is something we’re proud of. They do note that some applications are still missing from the platform, but we’re working on onboarding them with extra effort, so we’re confident those comments will go away very soon.

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