Facebook Watch integrates metadata and gets recommendations

Though most folks know Facebook merely as a place with short clips of dancing cats and misbehaving dogs, the platform has over the last couple of years invested heavily in original production which surfaced some amazing shows. So amazing, that one of them – Returning the Favor with the one and only Mike Rowe – even won an Emmy! But the problem has always been how to surface those shows and promote them. VIDAA has a solution!

As of today, Facebook has finished the integration of their metadata into our system, which means their shows are searchable (even using voice) in platform search, as well as recommended in the main launcher. So our users will have an easier way of finding their content, like Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith, 9 months with Courtney Cox, or Will Smith’s Bucket List. There is some amazing high-quality original content available from Facebook Watch and now people will have a much easier way of finding it. A little hint – do take the time to watch Returning the Favor, but make sure you have plenty of napkins at hand, as you’ll need them for sure when you see how unselfish some people are and how little it takes to make everyone’s lives better.

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